Be a part of
When visiting another country, Google Translate is not only a translation tool. It's a bridge between you and another culture. Google Translate wants you to be a participant. To re-think what it means to be a tourist. To be a part of that country.
Brand Campaign
Outdoor & Transit
International Airport Billboards
Google Translate will place billboards in the busiest international airports in the world.
Boarding Pass
Google will start #beapartof on Twitter, asking locals to post suggestions geared towards tourists traveling in their country. Google will select and place helpful tweets on the back of the boarding passes flying to that country.
Airplane Quizlet
While on the plane, you can take a quiz on the culture and slangs of the country you are flying to. Based on your scores, it will recommend how much you need to use Google Translate.
Geo-based Notification
Working in conjunction with Google Maps, Google Translate will send geo-based notifications that will provide the tourist with helpful, cultural information.
Trip Summary
After the trip, Google Translate will send their users a summary of the words that were translated during their trip and where they took place.
2020 AAF Austin Addys
🏅 Gold - Integrated Campaign
🏅 Gold - Outdoor & Transit Advertising