(1) It's not easy even when I'm explaining my name to Chinese people because the chances are slim that you could meet a "Shentu" in your entire life. Here is the proof.

Hi, my name is 申屠名琛 (1)

I know what you are thinking.

Try this then: shēn tú míng chēn.


Still shaking your head?

Just call me Nora.

I'm currently a second-year graduate student in the Texas Creative Sequence at the University of Texas at Austin, doing everything (2) I can or can't to become an art director.

Before I came here for the master program, I was the copywriter in every project I've worked on.


6 years ago, I decided to study Communication.

5 years ago, I chose Advertising as my major.

2 years ago, I studied abroad in Illinois. It was all about theory.

I tried PR, marketing, and planning, but none of them is what I have the true passion for.

That's why I'm here.

Texas Creative is the reason why I fly 20 hours or more from my home to the U.S.

(2) This includes: soaking myself in a completely different culture, overcoming my fear of giving presentations in English, and trying not to look too scared when I don't understand what people are talking about.

Now maybe you are a little bit more interested in my surname or some culture shock anecdotes, especially in this bizarre creative industry? Let's chat or work on something fun together.



📧 norashentu@gmail.com

☎️ +1 (512) 810-6236

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